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Sushi Kaisin (스시 카이신(鮨海信))
Sushi Kaisin (스시 카이신(鮨海信))
  • Phone number : +82-2-515-9855
  • Homepage : (Korean only)
  • Address : 12, Dosan-daero 100-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Sushi Kaisin is a luxurious sushi restaruant owned by Japanese Chef Kyousuke Sato. Chef Sato gained much knowledge about seafood through his working experience at fisheries market and two years of experience as a fisher. After building his career as a chef by working at top-notch sushi restaurants and five-star hotels in Japan, Chef Sato opened his very own sushi restaurant in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul in 2017. Fresh ingredients carefully selected and brought in from Jeju Island are prepared into an authentic Edomae sushi through Chef Sato's unique techniques. Although the restaurant is small, allowing up to only six customers at the counter table, Chef Sato ensures that the excellent food and service quality remain consistent as the chef personally tends to every aspect of the restaurant, from selection of ingredients and food preparation to customer service. Chef Sato is able to provide menu explanations and engage in friendly conversations with customers in fluent Japanese, Korean, and English due to his broad experience and expertise from traveling and working over the past years. Reservation is advised due to limited seating.
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Sushi Kaisin (스시 카이신(鮨海信))
Sushi Kaisin (스시 카이신(鮨海信))
Sushi Kaisin (스시 카이신(鮨海信))
(06071) 12, Dosan-daero 100-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
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